Water sources in Somalia often need improvement and maintenance

The Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector is one of the most important programs in AWI. Water has always been a challenge in Somalia. There are two major rivers that are generally unsafe to drink from and many people depend on shallow wells, with or without pumps and boreholes.

Sanitation remains a challenge in Somalia. Many internally displaced people do not have access to toilets and hand washing facilities. Also in the rural areas people defecate in the open. In recent years, cholera has been a major problem in Somalia with several fatalities, especially children.

The main objectives of the wash sector are:

  1. Improved access to safe and clean water
  2. Improved access to and use of sanitation facilities
  3. Better hygienic circumstances for the people

Women play a key role in the WASH sector and are therefore often the primary targets during campaigns. They also play a key role in the mobilization and planning phases of AWI’s WASH programs. This group is also susceptible to Gender Based Violence and in order to reduce the risk they input in the design of the project when it comes to latrines (including location within the community) is essential.