The nutrition sector is a key sector in the organization that focuses on saving lives of children under the age of 5 or avoid long term health issues like stunting where a child is not developing which can lead to a permanent disadvantage for the rest of its life. Malnourished children are also at greater risk of mortality because of lower Resistance against diseases.

Pregnant women are at risk of getting malnourished because the nutrients are shared between the mother and the foetus, therefore they need sufficient nutrition for themselves and the baby. Lactating women are also at risk because the nutrients are shared between the mother and the infant through breast feeding. Lack of Vitamin A which is essential for embryonic growth can lead to severe birth defects. Women who have just given birth need vitamin A to help with postpartum tissue repair.

AWI’s Nutrition Programmes will implement activities in the following sectors, OTP (outpatient theurapetic programmes), TSFP (targeted supplementary feeding programme) and SC (stabilization Centres).

Apart from this, AWI also focuses on general advocacy campaigns on Nutrition and its related complications of health and sanitation to the community, pregnant and lactating women, and Nutrition and community health workers. Campaign messages are mainly on Hygiene and Sanitation, Infant Young Child Feeding (IYCF), Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition (IMAM) and; a general awareness on malnutrition and the importance of Health facilities.